Médica Sur
Reanimación Neonatal (RENEO)

It is a training center specialized in specific techniques that provides education to all people interested, without any human risk, for the treatment of patients in emergency status (respiratory and cardiac arrests, trauma from accidents in infants, children, and adults, choking, burns, poisonings) using high-tech simulation of the patient’s symptoms or symptoms of people at risk.

Also, the CESIDEM, has plans and training programs for health professionals, interested in improving or learning specific techniques in international standardization courses to improve the abilities and professional skills, from the most basic ones (channeling a vein) to advanced courses and workshops (difficult airway management, ATLS and ACLS).

We have facilities designed for the development of different intra and extra hospital scenarios, with necessary audiovisual support to offer students a friendly place to facilitate their learning.

We have a METI-ECS simulator, designed to dominate emergency care scenarios, also has a wide range of interventions applied to nurses and physicians specialized in critical care, medical-surgical emergencies, internal medicine, cardiology, pulmonology, pre-hospital medicine.

  • 2 Laerdal simulators, called  “MegaCode Kelly” which were designed for the practice of advanced life support, particularly for integrated RCP or Megacode practices.
  • Megacode kelly can be used both in CPR advanced courses, and trauma, due to new features such as articulated limbs, as well as cricothyrotomy and Pneumothorax, coupled with the “Vital Sim” arrhythmia simulator that allows to perform a wide variety of scenarios because it has a range of cardiac, pulmonary, voice, and arrhythmia sounds, making it one of the most versatile and efficient devices in the field of advanced macrosimulation.
  • 2 Patient care simulators: CHLOE, which is a simulator with all the features of an adult woman-man, for training on normal and advanced clinical procedures including airway management, focusing more on learning in medical undergraduate level or in nursing practices.
  • 1 computer simulator to perform vascular access that integrates real sense of touching through one of the most advanced simulating devices, with the possibility of evaluating the student’s performance during practice.
  • 36 mannequins to train students in basic life support for infants, children and adults.
  • 4 devices for teaching advanced airway management.

Personnel at your service
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e-mail: cesidem@medicasur.org.mx or ediaz@medicasur.org.mx
Monday through Saturday from 8:00 to 16:30 hrs.